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 Bogdan applications Developer! DEV

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PostSubject: Bogdan applications Developer! DEV   Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:35 am

* Name: Bogdan

* Age: 15

* Where you're from: Romania

* Experience: I played the official blizzard three years. And the Cataclysm, I played all three years. Also, I had only gm Cataclysm.

* ingame characters: Resources , Mazer, Warrioru.

* Small Description of who you have: I am a gamer wow, that deals with computers

Detailed Description: would like to apply for the developer, if possible. I know mysql and little c + + +
Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Bogdan applications Developer! DEV   Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:24 am

"* Age: 15" - too young to be a good dev. If you spend so much time on wow... I dont doubt youre not good but whatever Smile
"* Experience: I played the official blizzard three years. And the Cataclysm, I played all three years. Also, I had only gm Cataclysm." bad english -1 also, if you Gm on cataclysm some commands must not match, also Developers are developers...donest matter you was Gm (Wtf should the underlinde thing mean!?)
So let me test you're Dev experiences
1) Create an INSERT query that disables the usage of the Warlock's Ritual of Summoning spell in Alterac Valley. Use the TrinityCore Wiki as a reference for obtaining necessary information. Write a second query that deletes this data before inserting it so that it can be run repeatedly without errors. Do not use a REPLACE statement
2)Write a query that finds all creatures in the "creature" table: between 7000 to 5000 in the "position_x" column, 1500 to 3000 in "position_y", and where "position_z" is less than 500. The "id" must also be one of these: 36612, 37957, 37958, 37959, 36855, 38106, 38296, 38297, 37813, 38402, 38582, 38583, 36626, 37504, 37505, 37506, 36627, 38390, 38549, 38550, 36678, 38431, 38585, 38586, 37970, 38401, 38784, 38785, 37972, 38399, 38769, 38770, 37973, 38400, 38771, 38772, 37955, 38434, 38435, 38436, 36853, 38265, 38266, 38267, 36597, 39166, 39167, 39168.
1) In C++ write a class that contains private members, some of which are externally available, and a method (inside the class) that uses these members
2)In C++ write a function which outputs multiples of 5, excluding 15.

Pick database or core, solve both of them and you are hired. If you can't solve this easy pies, you dont even reply Smile

Regards <GM>Wolf Smile
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Bogdan applications Developer! DEV
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