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 Wolfs uhnoly dk guide PVP (I made it on eternalwow, its persoanly mine...Better not use yet cause dk is bugged as hell :) )

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PostSubject: Wolfs uhnoly dk guide PVP (I made it on eternalwow, its persoanly mine...Better not use yet cause dk is bugged as hell :) )   Mon Jul 30, 2012 6:45 am

Hello, my name is Andrei, and today I will teach you how to play an unholy death knight in pvp [it was for eternal pvp realm but I edited it fot Sezzywow].
This is my own guide, not copy pasted, my own play style, please dont put in some useless comments, thanks . [sorry from english mistakes]

Introduction: Unholy Death Knights are very powerful melee atackers who emphasise on diseases, brutal strikes and minions (if unholy with blood offsepc, you will gain more survivalness , or more damage with Frost offspec)
So now let's start.
*Sugestued races : ally : Human (for the racial Every Man For Himself) or Dranai (for Gift Of Naaru)
horde : Orc (expertise with axe /mace + Blood Fury) undead (Will of Forsaken) or Tauren maybe for the 5% increased hp but not so much, like 1k - 2k more hp. Yeah I know blood elf may look cool but only useful from him is the racial silence

1) Talents
a)This is the spec I use, mainly for the reason I play with another dps as a partener (also has a burst damage but im still testing i
[couldnt link here ... PM for link]

2)Spells, Interface, Binds, useful items
useful items / must have on spells - flask of endless rage, medalion of ally/horde (good combo with Deadbringer's Will), Drums of forotem kings, drums of wild, necesarly have Ghould on, and Horn Of Winter !

a) Rotation
Basic unholy roatation : Icy Touch -> Plague Strike -> Blood Strike -> Blood Strike-> Scourge Strike -> Gargoyle -> Death Coil -> Blood strike -> Plague strike -> Plague Strike

b)Fighting a caster ? Cant get as close to him to start the rotation ? No problem ! Use Death's Grip start the rotation if he uses an istant fear or something that makes you lose control of youre character, do the racial escape (if u have), if not wait until the efect finishes or till he attack you with a spell. Then use anti magic shell,
silence him with Strangulate go fast to theire melee range , continue rotation,. use a Mind Freeze and if you are able to do rotation until gargoyle he is dead (he should...if donest heal...)Then is easy , easyer if a blood elf, use any silence and DON'T let them cast anything .

c)Fighting a melee ? Easy.
I) warrior/ paladin /dk
Its not hard just do the rotation I gave you below . If fighting a paladin when he's at 15-20% you must start use SILENCES so he wont be able to bubble/heal.
II)Rogue/feral druid/shaman. As for rogues and cat druids is easy . If rogue uses sap dont do anything. If he uses Ambursh and you see youreself at 70% oh hp dont panic he will sure use kidney so when he does it use the escape trinket / racial / lichborne to escape use chains of ice, start rotation and once he has a dot on him, if he wouldnt be able to vanish so start rotation and kill him ! (almost same thing for druid)As for shamans, god bless you I dont realy know how to fight vs them I mostly Deaths Grip (2 sec silence) -> Icy -> Plague -> Mindfreeze-> Blood -> Blood -> Strangulate -> Gargoyle so...if he runs grip / chains .

d)Fighthing a healer ? ) Power Word : Silence ! Especialy if you're a blood elf healers have no chance. here's the silence order : Death's Grip Mindfreeze Strangulate Mindfreeze [Blood elf racial] Mindfreeze

e) Running out of health ? When you're doing rotation place (a) blood strike(s) bethween gargoyle and death coil

f)Binds ? Easy.
1-Icy Touch
2-Plague Strike
3-Blood Strike
4-Scourge Strike
5-Death Strike
(From here, I unbind 6,7,8,9,0 and replace with F1 F2 F3 F4 and F5)
F3-Blood elf racial / escape
F4-F5 Escapes (Racials trinkets, whatelse you have)
Q- Death Grip
`-Anti Magic Shell
Mousewheelup -Death Coil
R-Horn Of Winter
F-Summon Ghoul
G-Empowered Rune Weapon (refreshes all runes ! is a cool ability)
Z-Bone Shield
So here it goes the rotation 1-2-3-3-4-Mwheel down-mwheel up-3-4-4 As easy as possible
No Obliterate :O It does high damage ! Yes it does but it cleans all the dieseases on target wich is very bad as udk. Well you shall have it binded on SHIFT-Q for example... if you're enemy is at 2-3k hp , he's able to heal/be healed and you're runes are on cooldown, no runicpowe and gargoyle off ? Yes you can use obliterate to finish him...
g)U.I. arena things...
I personaly dont use them. I like playing classic I use Gladius when in arenas sometimes...

As an unholy death knight you must have : Hit -> Str -> ArP -> Crit -> haste...whatever
Not necesarly to match each socket in his place.
Meta : Chaotic Skyflare Diamond

As for enchants you can use those are:

Hands: crusher (44 attack power)

Back (23 haste rating)

Legs: icescale leg enchants (75 attack power and 22 crit)

Feet: Either tuskarr’s vitality(run speed increase and 15 stamina) or Greater assault(32 attack power)

Bracers: Greater assault (50 attack power)

Chest: Powerfull stats (10 + for all stats)

Head: Arcanum of torment

Shoulders: Greater inscription of the Axe

Weapon: the best thing about us is that we get a free weapon enchant that is better than berserking
which is called Rune of the fallen crusader which gives you 15% of your normal strength and increases your attack power tremendously which is also one of the reasons why we gem strength.


[Glyph of Ghoul] : increases your ghoul’s strength and stamina by 40% of the owner’s own stamina and strength.

[Glyph of Icy touch]: increases the damage on the icy touch damage over time (DoT)by 20 %

[Glyph of Dark death]: Increases the damage and healing of your death coil by 15 %.

Minor :
only useful is [Glyph of Horn of winter]: The duration of Horn of winter is increased by 1 minute.

COPYRIGHT WOWWIKI , I don't use macros...
Ghoul Leap & Stun
/cast [@target,exists,harm] Leap
/cast [@target,harm] Gnaw
/stopmacro [@target,harm]
/cast [@target,exists,noharm] Leap
/stopmacro [@target,exists,noharm]
/cast [@player] Leap

Runner Stopper
#showtooltip Death Grip
/cast Death Grip
/cast Chains of Ice

Stunning the Target
#showtooltip Death Grip
/cast Death Grip
/cast Gnaw

7)Items : PvP sets, as here full Wf in shop, you should opt for arp or crit (and if you really wat, get some ahste for rune regen)
Cool Presence.

Logicaly, if you've got unholy spec, I think is normal to use unholy presence, but it doesn't work in most of situations... Yes, when playing an dps-healer combo or for survivlaness, use unholy, more mobility, speed and less GLOBAL COOLDONW (As I know, its the only class that has a GCD reducer) but when playing a dps dps combo in 2v2, I ALWAYS use blood presence ! Beacause if you play as you learned from me, you'll have a big burst (very very nice combo with armswarr bcs heal reduce + burstdps)

9) Arena combos

ONE - 2v2
I'll tell you all combos, pros and cons
a)udk +priest
I) udk + spriest good combo, brutal strikes from the dk, dispels dots and fears from priest.
II)udk + dpriest well, is not the best healer for dk, the dpriest works fine with shammy/rogue/feral/hunter
b)udk + mage
I)udk + firemage almost same thing that with spriest but there's almost no1 playing a firemage pvp in here, also the biggest job is always mages
II)udk + frostmage yes, this is one of good combos. Well fmage goes with any dps... So here's a good tactic if playing vs heal + dps he shall poly the dps and you take the dps, kill him and then kill together the healer...
if playing 2dps vs 2dps each should get his own target or kill same...well mage can keep freezing / poly other when you kill you're one.
c)udk and warlock. I see no sense at this combo, never played it
d)udk + rogue Good combo, especialy when both geared and skilled, the rogue can keep ccing one of skilled and you focus both on same target. Would be very easy cause you have anot of burst damage + the heal reduce poison, which is bugged and reduces aproximatively 63% oh caused heal...
e) udk +druid
I)balance -senseless
II) almost same as rogue but less ccs
III)resto : a good healer a good combo.
f)udk +shaman
I)elementak the only bad point at this is that if playing vs 2 dps the will both rush at the shamy and you will be able to take only one of them...
II)enhancement dont think there is a ny enhan shammy, especialy on ally side , never played with one
III)resto : yea all those healing and mana totems and shits...useful spells but runs out of mana fast as far as i know...and dotnest heal very good. they just grounding totem + run + heal...
g)udk +Hunter. Never tryed yet >Smile
h)Warrior. Yes yes a very good burstdps combo especialy with ALL YOURE SLOWS DISEASES AND BLEEDS you're like a killing machine
i)udk+ paladi
I)hpala - best combo on retail on season7 and 8 as I know
II)retri I heared is good theoreticaly, practicaly never saw a skilled retri pala
j)udk + dk only disadvantages is diseases dont stuck...
TWO 3v3
The one I use atm is WPDk (arms warrior, heal pala and udk works very good)
you can also use rmdk (rogue mage dk)
or mpdk (mage priest dk)

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PostSubject: Re: Wolfs uhnoly dk guide PVP (I made it on eternalwow, its persoanly mine...Better not use yet cause dk is bugged as hell :) )   Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:03 pm

Nice Guide Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Wolfs uhnoly dk guide PVP (I made it on eternalwow, its persoanly mine...Better not use yet cause dk is bugged as hell :) )   Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:36 am

Thank you very much Smile Worked as hell on it
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PostSubject: Re: Wolfs uhnoly dk guide PVP (I made it on eternalwow, its persoanly mine...Better not use yet cause dk is bugged as hell :) )   

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Wolfs uhnoly dk guide PVP (I made it on eternalwow, its persoanly mine...Better not use yet cause dk is bugged as hell :) )
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