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 To : Sezzy

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PostSubject: To : Sezzy   To : Sezzy EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 8:20 am

Sezzy, I'm <GM>Wolf, and I would like to ask you if the server will be up again, and if yes when it`s going to be up again ? People keep asking me and other Game Masters ; "Hey Wolf , Harmed , Ava , others..., you know when the sevrer will be up ? / will the server be up again ? When then ? /Did sezzy closed the server and ran with the money ? / WTF sezzy must been joking with us / F*ck you stupid GMs open the server / tell sezzy to open da modafka server" and so...I'm trying to tell them to be patient but I must know an approximatively exact date to tell them if we dont want to lose people or just to know its closed so tell anyone that is closed and not to bother trying to PM gm's asking about server [Yes, yes its my case too, I want your server up Smile ]
So please contact me ASAP

Regards, Wolf.

Disclaimer: Please dont ask when the sevrer will be up or any other questions here Smile, thanks
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To : Sezzy
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